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Dentures are a great solution for replacing your missing teeth, and with same-day dentures, you can start wearing your dentures immediately after your extractions. Alireza Moheb, DMD, makes same-day dentures at Unlimited Smiles, Moheb DMD INC, in Walnut Creek, Napa, Vacaville, Oakland, and Martinez, California. To get started, call the office or book a visit through the online tool.

Same Day Dentures Q & A

What are same-day dentures?

If you’re getting tooth extractions before a set of full or complete dentures, same-day dentures (immediate dentures) give you the ability to start wearing your prosthesis as soon as you leave your extraction appointment.

Normally, when you remove teeth in preparation for full dentures, you need to wait until your gums have healed before taking the impression of your mouth used to design your dentures. This is because your gums change shape and shrink somewhat after your extractions.

With same-day dentures, however, your dentist takes the mold of your mouth before your extraction procedure and fabricates your dentures so that they’re ready to wear as soon as they remove your teeth.

What are the benefits of same-day dentures?

Because your dentist makes your same-day dentures before your extraction appointment, you can start wearing them as soon as possible. This means that you won’t have to go without teeth while you’re waiting for your gums to heal.

Not having to wait is a major benefit for many people who might otherwise be self-conscious about having to be toothless for a time.

Will I have to get my same-day dentures refitted?

As you heal from your extractions, your gums inevitably get smaller and might change shape somewhat. Because of this, you’ll likely have to get your same-day dentures relined a few times before your gums finally settle.

The team at Unlimited Smiles, Moheb DMD INC is skilled in relining and refitting dentures and can ensure that your same-day dentures are comfortable throughout your entire healing process.

How do dentures feel?

Dentures usually feel a bit awkward at first because it takes some time for the muscles in your mouth to adjust to the new appliance. As your body learns how to work with your new dentures, you might notice an increased flow of saliva. The dentures might also feel somewhat bulky or loose in your mouth, at first.

Once you adjust, however, your dentures will improve your oral functioning, leaving you more comfortable than before whenever you speak or eat.

To learn more about how same-day dentures can improve your denture experience, or to start the process of getting your same-day dentures, schedule a visit by phone or the web with Unlimited Smiles, Moheb DMD INC today.