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Same Day Crowns Specialist

Unlimited Smiles, Moheb DMD INC

General Dentistry & Dental Implants Specialist located in Walnut Creek, CA & Napa, CA

A crown can significantly improve your oral health if you have a damaged or decayed tooth. Alireza Moheb, DMD, offers same-day crowns at Unlimited Smiles, Moheb DMD INC, which has five state-of-the-art offices in Walnut Creek, Napa, Vacaville, Oakland, and Martinez, California. If you want to get started on your same-day crown, call the office to schedule a visit or book an appointment online.

Same Day Crowns Q & A

What is a crown?

A crown is a tooth-shaped covering sealed on top of your tooth or attached to a dental implant. Your crown covers your tooth above the gum line, and it feels and functions just like a natural tooth because it’s designed from an impression of your mouth.

Why would I need a crown?

Crowns can address a variety of concerns. Your dentist might recommend a crown to:

  • Restore a damaged or decayed tooth
  • Replace a large filling
  • Cover an aesthetically displeasing tooth
  • Provide protection for a weakened tooth

Your dentist also typically fits you with a crown after you’ve had a root canal treatment. The crown helps to strengthen and preserve the structural integrity of your treated tooth.

How are same-day crowns unique?

Traditional crowns require you to visit the dentist twice. During your first visit, your dentist removes some enamel from your tooth to make way for the crown, then takes an impression of your mouth.

That impression is sent to an offsite lab that uses it to fabricate your crown, during which time you have to wear an uncomfortable temporary crown to keep your tooth protected. Once the lab finally finishes making your crown, you have to go back to the dentist for a second visit to get it permanently sealed to your tooth.

Unlimited Smiles, Moheb DMD INC eliminates much of this hassle by providing patients with same-day crowns that they make with an in-house milling system. After your dentist prepares your tooth and takes your impression, they send it to a state-of-the-art computer that carves your crown from a block of ceramic.

All of this is done while you wait in the chair, saving you the trouble of having to wear a temporary crown and returning to the office for a second visit.

Does my same-day crown require special care?

One of the benefits of crowns is that they don’t require any special care. If you brush and floss your teeth and maintain regular cleanings and exams with Unlimited Smiles, Moheb DMD INC, your same-day crown should last you a long time.

To learn more about how same-day crowns can improve your oral health and dental experience, call Unlimited Smiles, Moheb DMD INC today to schedule a consultation, or book an appointment online.